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Terms and conditions

General conditions of advertising on the server
– is a website operated by a natural person Branislav Šťastný –BRAST, ID 34973176 hereinafter referred to as the operator.
–The operator of the Boatsforsale.eun portal will be responsible for the content of published advertisements, including text and photographs.
– user data shall be used by the operator only within the limits of the law.
–The operator acts as an intermediary between the supply side and the demand side, but is not responsible for the transaction itself
–Quality of products, delivery, payment, copyright infringement, etc.
– The operator is not responsible for the misuse of data published in advertisers’ offers by third parties.
– The operator has the right to change, innovate and otherwise modify the services of the Boatsforsale.eue portal without the prior consent of the advertisers.
– The operator has the right to change, modify or supplement incomplete or incorrect information in advertisements or registrations without the prior consent of advertisers. – The operator reserves the right to occasionally send a newsletter or other informational or promotional e-mail.
–The operator reserves the right to export advertisements to partner portals such as and others.
– The operator declares that it does not provide any personal data of advertisers to third parties under any conditions, but the advertiser must be aware that by publishing his advertisement, his contact details in the form of tel. numbers.

Cancellation of registration:
– The user cannot cancel the registration.
– The operator reserves the right to cancel the registration or deny access to any user without giving a reason. Any credit on the account will not be refunded in this case.
–After deregistration of the user, the operator has the right to maintain the information entered by the user on the server for an indefinite period of time (especially the IP address of the computer and access times / Logs / user). After deregistration of a user, all user posts that were and are publicly available (discussion forum posts) remain on the server at the same time.

It is forbidden to:
–Insert advertisements that violate the laws of the Slovak Republic, such cases are reported to the police, to whom we give documents for the search for the perpetrator (sale of TP, service books, labels, handling of mileage / m…). Behavior.– Create duplicate advertisements, fictitious advertisements and advertisements created for the purpose of buyer fraud (eg send a deposit in advance, “phishing”.) .– Create duplicate registrations, the given approaches will be combined into one.

–All information about the advertisement must be available directly from the text of the advertisement, it is forbidden to enter advertisements of the type “for more information write to e-mail…. ”– Delete or enter false contact information during registration and subsequently in the user profile non-existent phone number), the accesses will be deleted without notice

–Insert ads into categories other than where they belong, these ads are deleted (or moved by the administrator).
– Inserting advertisements listed with an unrealistic price, or with the indication “price by agreement”, these advertisements will be deleted. The amount on the advertisements must be final without additional fees (registration, commission, transcript, import…).
–Boats and other advertisements intended for import, ie not located with the advertiser must be clearly marked in the entry “For import – order”. If the vehicle is unregistered or if the price of the vehicle does not include the cost of its registration, it must be duly marked as ené unregistered ’in the vehicle condition.

–Enter a price other than the total price when paying in cash. The price in case of refinancing can be stated in the note, but not as the main price of the advertisement.
– Indicate the price without VAT. All prices must include VAT! If it is possible to deduct VAT, this is indicated by ticking the appropriate box. – Indicate the final price as the price of the down payment or one / first installment when continuing the lease or other installments. The price for the continuation of leasing or other installments must be stated as a sum of all installments, including the advance payment, by filling in the appropriate fields of severance pay, amount and number of installments. this data is filtered. Separate fields in each user’s profile are used to provide contact information and prices


–Insert commercial advertising (promotion of companies, sole traders, services, etc.), for example, the seller can advertise his goods only individually, which means that he can not place a single advertisement of the type “wide selection” .. you can find on XYZ Boats .. “- When creating an advertisement enter a data other than tech in the Type field. type, other additions of the type “data about KW, 1st owner, full service, leather, quick deal, TIP TOP, super boat, 8 seats, cheap, by agreement, possible exchange, etc. will be removed without notice. – Insert advertisements in the advertisement for another or similar type of goods or services and unrealistic photos (copied photos from other advertisements or from other advertisers), these photos will be deleted.